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$17,000 in student loans, and all I got was this lousy bowling shirt

... 65 percent of my classmates, like me, had paid for their education with student loans. And why not ... about 96 percent of all student loans) carries low interest rates and ...
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Taxpayers subsidising student loans

By Mary Holm Q. I am a 19-year-old student in the fortunate position of being debt free. However, I was wondering whether I should take out a student loan for the purpose of using it as a deposit for an investment property. ... Only well-off students can invest their student loans. The Government shouldn't be helping them ...
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Internet Student Loans Company

... Stafford loans, education loans, financial assistance, scholarships, Federal Stafford Loan, Student Loans. Information about private loans, Safford and Plus loans for college students. Apply online. ...
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STUDENT LOANS - Compare Loans Rate Online!

Student Loans,Online Student Loans Internet Guide (USA and international worldwide student loans service) student loans, student loans , buy student loans, Student Loans, order student loans, buying ...
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Stuff To Do If You're Bored

Saturday, our favorite cover band, Chronic Town has a totally hectic schedule, with a 10 a.m. performance at Alameda's Peanut Butter Jam outdoor stage. That night they join Mandonna (that is the best Flash intro we've seen in a long time) at Slim's for even more REM-inspired mayhem. Sunday at 3 p.m. we're gong over to the Thee Parkside for It's a Free Country Sunday, which is, (you're so smart) no-cover Country, Bluegrass, and Americana music. Monday we're so torn! We could head over to the First Baptist Church for the Isn't it About Time for Green Design? seminar, where "panelists will discu ... (more)



Decisions Decisions

Did I make the wrong decision.� Since I have moved out here one of my priorities was to find a job, because due to the drastic increase in the price of gasoline it doesn't make sense for me to drive to MD one or two weekends to work. Plus if you put the wear and tear on my car into the equation definitly not worth it.� So I asked around to some local CVS's to see if they had any hours to spare.� (Tech hours with CVS are hard to come by and people don't like giving them up) so I understood when stores told me that they didn't have hours and yada yada.� I interviewed with the local hospital out ... (more)



Assistance for Home Heating costs the government is talking about sending out rebate cheques to low income families (those who get GST cheques) to help with the rising cost of home heating. What do you guys think about this?I believe that they did something like this in Newfoundland last year, but as I wasn't paying Oil/gas costs I didn't really follow the whole thing. This year however, we are renting a house and we pay 55% of the oil bill. I have some questions about how they are going to deciede who gets this money. The man who o ... (more)



The Poker Life

I know many of you are intrigued, and others are troubled, by my new boyfriend's chosen profession.  His friend Dan has an excellent post on the subject of life as a professional poker player -- the good and the bad -- up on his LiveJournal: Poker and Life.  An excerpt:"In my opinion, it comes down to this: poker money makes you as close to free as you can get. I make my living solely by playing cards. I can do this anywhere I can find a cardgame, or anywhere there's a computer with Internet. It's very reasonable to hit a level where one is making $50-$100US/hour, and one can m ... (more)



Economist Survey make some interesting point about Indian higher education

(I believe that Pai has been mispelled as Rai!) Printable page E-mail this Buy PDFSURVEY: HIGHER EDUCATIONWhat are the prospects that the good news will outweigh the bad? To answer this question, it is worth looking more closely at the two countries that are currently conducting the world's biggest experiments in the “massification” of higher education: India and China.India's higher-education system has plenty of inherited handicaps. Some of them are left over from colonialism and some from anti-colonialism; some arise from poor management and political confusion. B.S. Baswan, th ... (more)



Moneynet Targets Debt Consolidation Loans As UK Bankruptcies Rise (PR Web)

Moneynet creates debt consolidation loans section on, as part of its initiative to help consumers tackle personal debt. [PRWEB Sep 9, 2005]
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Fitch Rates Educational Funding Services, Inc. Student Loan Revenue Notes (Business Wire via Yahoo! Finance)

Fitch Ratings has assigned ratings to the following student loan revenue notes series 2005-1 issued by Educational Funding Services, Inc.:
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Burden of Student Loans Growing Ever Larger for American Consumers, According to the Cambridge Consumer Credit Index (PR Newswire via Yahoo! Finance)

Almost two-thirds of Americans with outstanding student loans say these student loans prevent them from making other major purchases, such as a house, car or other large ticket items, according to the Cambridge Consumer Credit Index.
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Custom List: Have We Met?

Have We Met?STEPHANIE: Stephanie, 27, is newly married and living in the so-called Windy City. Unlike some of us (ahem), her $30,000 in the hole wasn't from ill-gotten plastic debt, but is what you might call starter debt: a big ol' student loan and car loan.LYNDSEY: At 26, Lyndsey is our youngest member -- and a mad Cowboys fan.Her big challenge is a mountain of credit card debt, $12,000 to be exact. She's taken the hardest step by facing the numbers, realizing how much she spends on going out -- $1,000 a month!ANNA: Anna, 40, and her husband just had a new baby -- Renata! We're all psyched ... (more)



Money Sense--An Endangered Instinct?

Everyone's responses to my little "shopping debacle" were so insightful. Take this one: "I guess the proliferation of credit cards, checks, etc. where you don't actually see the money disappearing has sort of killed some of the money sense of many of us. If we don't actually see the green vanishing from our wallets, we must not REALLY be spending it, right?" I think that's dead on. This credit card culture is killing off our basic money instincts. My own mother told me a story about this recently. She said she was inspired by a tip in one of the articles--basically to avo ... (more)



Shameful to Live Within Your Means?

OK, before I respond, I just want to make sure everyone saw Kate's entry about using yellow stickies to help get you out of debt. HILARIOUS, and really inventive. Back to the topic of money vs. reality (and cash vs. credit), i wanted to quote Heather: "We?re all about the bling these days?now more than ever. And it?s weird, the economy is in the toilet, gas prices are skyrocketing, the unemployment rate is high, yet a lot of people seem to be functioning like nothing has changed in their pocketbooks. I don?t know why living within your means should be such a shameful thing to do." ... (more)



Financial venting (Beth)

I have a bug up my butt.  The Women in Red all decided to get our credit reports to make sure that what's represented about our credit histories is accurate.  Usually, when I get my credit reports, I get my husband's as well since we have joint ownership of almost everything in our lives.  I had ordered credit reports for both of us back in March when Oregon could get free reports.  However, since March, we've had 3 financial institutions "lose" their back-up tapes, and I wanted to double-check things.  I got ticked off when I preceived that the credit burea ... (more)



Making It to the Goal Line

In the coming week (I HOPE), the WIR members are supposed to post their financial goals. Thus far I can only find stephanie's...but that's ok. In the spirit of our little--but growing--TTFC community, i welcome anyone else who would like to post her goals (which many of you already did, in your introductions). the idea being that by stating our goals we can then offer support and check in with each other or give suggestions. For example, some of you who either have or will have enormous student loan debt, i think you can look into loan forgiveness programs. a friend of mine isn't even in la ... (more)



Details about federal school loan

We have scoured the web for the best school loan resources on federal school loan to help you with your search.repaying federal student loansWe would never claim to be world's best in repaying federal student loans but our passion and interest in this area has encouraged us to source out the best locations for repaying federal student loans purchases and products. We have set a number of


Debt Consolidation and Online Debt Consolidation

... just in credit card debt alone accounting ... best debt elimination strategy. While debt settlement can wipe out total debt through negotiations with credit card ...
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Six steps to a chepaer credit card

By Robin AmltLast updated June 10 2005Brits have millions of credit cards but most of us don't know how to make best use of the benefits on offer. Read on to learn how to cut your credit card costs.The tarts party appears to be over.
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Moneynet warns graduates face credit history nightmare

... about their finances and shop around for the best account /24-7PressRelease/ - KENT, UK, September 10, 2005 ... up to date on all credit card repayments and loan debt - otherwise ...
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Ten Dimes, or the Price of Admission

... By hook or by crook, ambitious optimists do their best to come up with it ... take a cash advance on a credit card, hoping to win back the money before ...
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Asa Aarons' Ask Asa: Wee hours credit card call had her turning & tossing

... Wee hours credit card call had her turning & tossing Friday, September 9th, 2005 Lorelee Sorowitz got bad ... Few people are at their best when they are woken from a ...
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Best Credit Card Offers - Credit Information Center

... student credit card deals, no fee credit card deals, secured Hot tips & Information of best credit card offers. Information about your credit rights, ID theft, etc. Wednesday, September 07th Search ...
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Find the best credit card for you

... credit cards, choose, costs, fees, interest rates To find the best credit card, first decide which card works best for your lifestyle.
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Credit Card 321? - Best Credit Card Offers

The best credit card deals can be found all in one place -- at Credit Card 321?. Compare the best credit card interest rates, rewards, and other offers, and apply online for the credit card ... best ...
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LA Humane in dire need - asking N.O. residents to go in

Please post to all who are missing pets. HSLA is asking for residents to go in with them and guide them. Read below. New Orleans Animal Rescue in Peril. Help urgently required! Contact: Dana Nesbitt (President) Humane Society, LA Cell: 901 268 4610 Email: NEW ORLEANS, SEP 8, 2005. Despite the heroic efforts of volunteers and animal groups from both Louisiana and around the country, time is running out for the animals trapped in New Orleans, after the devastation of Hurricane Katrina. Help is desperately required to rescue animals trapped in the flooded ruins of New Orleans or ... (more)



10 Signs You May Need Credit Counseling

by Jeremy ZongkerSponsored by Proven Map To Success And Financial Freedom! Debt management programs can be of real help for people that discover they cannot face their debts. At first, they will attempt to solve the situation all by themselves by cutting down on spending and keeping a close eye on accounts. If this doesn?t work then it is time to ask for help from a financial expert. The sooner you admit you need help from an expert, the better will be for your future. The best time to seek the advice of an expert is before the appearance of most of the important 10 signs you may need credit ... (more)



Angry with the Red Cross for ignoring needs of LGBT people

Angry with the Red Cross Bay Windows The LGBT liaison for New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin is sharply critical of the American Red Cross's response to Hurricane Katrina. Larry Bagneris is encouraging the LGBT community to donate money to a newly established fund directed to the needs of LGBT people. "I'm not willing to stick GLBT money where we're not getting any benefits from," said Bagneris, who is also the executive director of the New Orleans Human Relations Commission. "The needs of the community should be recognized." Bagneris charges that his request for assistance for t ... (more)



GottaDeal's List of Recommended "Hot Deal-Friendly" Credit Cards -

We get a lot of questions about credit cards on the finance board on our forum. Therefore we have compiled a great list which contains some of our favorites. These are the card we consistenly recommend because they offer the best terms and features. For a


2 Blouses + Skirt For Sale

After wearing them a few times, I thought I'd see if anyone would like to buy these adorable shirts and skirt!First item! Millefleurs shirred blouse, meant to be worn under a corset. I bought it at the Harajuku shop, Atelier Pierrot. Here's a few pictures of it: (Last picture is of me, wearing the shirt under a corset. Isn't that Gackt cosplayer just AWESOME?!)Price: $50, or best offerAhem. Next up!Loving nicknamed "The Lumberjack Shirt", I got this on the infamous Takeshita Street. The brand is "Devil", and I'm pretty sure I picked it up at Maris Rock. Would be really cute with a punk loli o ... (more)



High Paying Google Adsense keywords

(via mesothelioma $84.08 mesothelioma attorneys $80.93 mesothelioma lawyers $69.04 malignant pleural mesothelioma $55.95 Asbestos Cancer $54.17 mesothelioma symptoms $53.66 peritoneal mesothelioma $52.27 trans union $51.91 lung cancer $43.12 search engine optimization $30.19 mesothelioma diagnosis $28.70 home equity loans $20.06 Baines and Ernst $18.47 consolidate loans $17.74 Lexington law $17.68 Lexington law firm $16.81 debt problems $16.28 register domain $15.74 home equity line of credit $15.61 affiliate programs $14.33 refinance $14.21 video conferencing $13.63 payday loans $ ... (more)



For laughs

First of all, though, I must highly recommend to all of you to watch the original version of the movie, 'The Ladykillers'. It has Alec Guiness in it, and a young (unrecognizable, to me) Peter Sellers, among others and prominently features Kings Cross Station. (I am too obsessed with HP when an approx. 50 year old movie shows Kings Cross and I want to squeee...) To continue though, WATCH IT. It's absolutely wonderful just for laughs, one of those fun movies that will just leave you grinning ear to ear. (It was showing for free, for Columbia students that is, at the MOMA and so my cousin and I ... (more)




Excerpts From Driftglass [emphasis in original]:"Character," goes the proverb, "is what you are in the dark.""I hope people don't play politics during this period of time," Bush said on ABC's Good Morning America in the Roosevelt Room of the White House. Funny how the party of Terry Schiavo, �liberal judges are worse than terrorists�, ruthlessly pimping post-9/11 grief to create an unnecessary and disastrous war, the Seven Year Seek and Destroy mission against Bill Clinton -- people that only exist and maintain power by perverting every tragedy and playing every bigotry like a harp -� funny h ... (more)



Moneynet Warns Graduates of Credit History Nightmares (PR Web)

Moneynet advises students to be careful about their finances and shop around for the best current account. [PRWEB Sep 10, 2005]
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U.S. Bank Introduces Latina Style Credit Card That Generates Scholarships for Latinas (Business Wire via Yahoo! Finance)

U.S. Bank has partnered with LATINA Style to bring to the market the LATINA Style Visa Platinum card that generates money for Latina scholarships each time a new card is activated and every time that card is used.
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Teens should know facts of credit card use By Jennifer Openshaw Marketwatch (Missoulian)

LOS ANGELES - Talking to teens about credit cards and finances ranks in between discussions about sex and drugs as the least talked about subjects with children younger than 18, according to a Charles Schwab study.
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Some consumers are paying more for their plastic

By PAUL WENSKEColumnist The latest credit card survey by Consumer Action confirms what most consumers suspect: Credit card banks keep finding ways to squeeze more money out of cardholders. ... payment to another credit card, Sherry said. In some cases, she said, interest rates can triple, so ...
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Americans don't check credit scores, reports--poll

... 5 U.S. credit card issuer, and the nonprofit Consumer Action was released less than a week after ... far higher interest rates on loans.' Lenders use credit scores to gauge ...
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Survey says many not checking their credit reports

... 5 U.S. credit card issuer, and the nonprofit Consumer Action was released a week after the expansion ... far higher interest rates on loans.' Lenders use credit scores to gauge ...
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15 Coupons, 15 Sales: Price Drops and Deals Updated Hourly

It's pretty cool, I thought I'd pass it along. It's called 15 Coupons, 15 Sales: Updated Hourly, and you can check it out here:

Link: 15 Coupons, 15 Sales: Deals and Price Drops on the hour, every hour

Thanks --BW


Asa Aaron's Ask Asa: Both pain and gain in new credit card policy

... Both pain and gain in new credit card policy Tuesday, September 6th, 2005 Janet Parsons got an ... their balances - and force them to pay high interest rates almost indefinitely ...
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Wealth Check: Debt clearance paves the way to a new home

The Problem Linda Biney, 26, moved from Bolton to Crystal Palace in south-east London, where she teaches English and drama, four years ago. ... loan and credit card bills, she hopes ... rates charged by lenders are higher than those paid on most accounts. Assuming she can get a 0 per cent credit card, the ...
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Control credit card costs

... plastic you're toting in your wallet (i.e., your credit card)? A. A drop in your credit score ... of those banks regularly hike rates for these sorts of 'universal defaults ...
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Katrina could cost German insurer $583.6M

Consumer credit rose $4.4 billion in July but consumers put less debt on credit cards and more on long-term debt like home loans, the Federal Reserve reported. ... higher interest credit-card debts. People are looking forward and seeing the threat of interest rates rising, said ...
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